Paragliding in Dune du Pilat

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Dune Du Pilat, France

Groundhandling is so important in our sport but we simply do not practice it enough. Playing on the Dune and exploring the feeling of your glider is a lot of fun. More than fun though, each launch, landing or low level beat, only inches off the sand, teaches us so much.

**Please note we work with a local French Instructor when in France to ensure comliance with FFVL Regulations.** 


Groundhandling Workshop

Working with you we build some key skills that will keep you safe on that next mountain takeoff and help you gain not only the skill to keep your glider under control at all times but the confidence to do so also. The things we can learn and perfect on the forgiving sand are not things you are likely to be learning on the side of a rocky mountain side. Once you are mastering some of the key skills we will progress you further.

Playing games and performing increasingly more skilful tasks improves your abilities incrementally. All whilst having fun in the sun and the sand. 

Learning how to use your glider to carry you up the hill rather than you carrying it is a welcome change. Then once at the top of the dune you can practice close proximity flying, skimming the sand just inches away and really learning how your glider flies. 


Everything is Covered

We have been coming to the dune for over seven years now. We know all the best places to fly on the Dune in different conditions. If there is ever a non flyable day then we can always find lots to do on the basin although the conditions are very reliable at the Dune.



The campsites offer varied styles of accommodation. From tent pitches to luxury cabins. We normally stay in the permanent canvas tents on the plaige in Pyla Camping, which is included in the price above. If you wish to upgrade your accommodation to something more private this is no problem. Please mention this in your booking request.


Food & Drink

There are many great restaurants in the campsites and in the local towns of Arcachon and Test de Buch only ten minutes drive away. The Campsite shop makes fresh bread and croissants each day and has a pretty well stocked shop. There are also BBQ’s throughout the campsite and we provide everything should you wish to cook at camp.

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If you already know what dates you would like to visit you can simply secure your trip by paying a deposit. 

We are flexible on your start and end date but please contact us prior to booking to confirm availability on your preferred dates. 


We offer a Free holiday with any new Wing bought from our Paragliding Shop.