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Portuguese Coastal Road Trip

Portuguese Coastal Road Trip


More Info Coming Soon…..

For now you can see ur acceptance requirements and Airport collection…..

Airport Transfers

We will arrange collection and drop off to the airport. Book your flights to Faro or Seville.

Rating Requirements & Insurance 

We accept only BHPA CP Rated, FAI IPPI, APPI Pilot or equivalent ratings on our trips. You must be an independent pilot.

Please ensure that you have adequate travel insurance in place for your trip that includes rescue / repatriation  and medical cover for paragliding. Please also ensure that you have your local association membership, such as your BHPA, FAI, IPPI etc membership, up to date. If you have your BHPA card please bring that along with you on your trip.

*Please note that this trip is not an instructional course and therefore you must be qualified or rated to fly independently.*

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May 24 - 31 2025



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Algodonales, Spain
Algodonales, Cadiz, Spain


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