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Flight Theory – Pilot Rating

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  • Polar Curve 
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Flight Theory. You should know: 

  • be able to explain in detail how a wing creates lift, including the relevance of venturi tubes and Bernoulli’s theorem
  • be able to define and use terms such as chord line, angle of attack, aspect ratio, centre of pressure, washout
  • be able to describe the aerodynamics of the stall
  • be able to simply describe factors affecting stability in pitch, roll and yaw · understand the relationship between glide ratio and l/d ratio
  • understand the effect of ballast
  • be able to name the forces on a glider in steady flight and explain their relationship
  • be able to name the various types of drag and explain their causes
  • be able to describe the relationship between the induced, parasitic and total drag and airspeed using drag curves
  • understand and be able to use a polar curve
  • understand the basic working principles of altimeters and variometers
  • understand terms such as total energy and airmass in connection with variometers

If you are struggling with any part of the theory please contact us.

We are here to help.  And we do not judge.