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Learning To Paraglide FAQs

To book an EP Beginner Course you don’t need any prior experience at all. A general level of fitness is required as there is some walking involved but it is open to absolute newbies to the sport.

For Club Pilot training you must have completed the EP training course with either ourselves or another BHPA registered training school.

We provide you with equipment, a harness, helmet, wing, a reserve parachute and a radio. Our equipment is specific for beginners and is checked regularly.

If you prefer to buy your own equipment we are on hand to give you advice on the right equipment to buy. in truth you should complete at least the EP beginner course before you consider buying equipment for learning and progressing on as by then you will know more about the equipment and will make a more informed choice.

We have some beginner equipment packages available to purchase. If you buy a beginner equipment package from us your training is discounted by 50%.

Once you have completed the EP Beginner Course you are able to ground handle your wing and practice only on the ground to ensure you stay current and are ready for your Club Pilot training course.

Once you have completed the Club Pilot training course you may fly independently within the Club environment. This means you may join your local Club and fly their local sites. You are not permitted at this stage to fly cross country flights, in order to do this you must build up your flying hours, complete a set list of flying tasks and complete a multiple choice exam. At this point you will achieve you Pilot Rating.

Included in the course:

NOT Included in the course:

There is some walking involved with a packpack and we can often be out in the sunshine from early in the morning till late in the evening.

If you have any prior medical conditions or you have concerns please consult your doctor prior to booking or contact us for further advice.


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