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Paragliding Sites in Algodonales

Algodonales (Sierra de Lijar)

The mountain behind the town itself has a number of takeoffs. It is reliable for a large amount of the year. Best months to come and fly XC are March until June and then again later in the year in September and October. November through to late February are great times to come and build some hours and confidence under your wing as conditions here stabilise. July and August are simply too thermic and can be very dangerous to fly here. Great time to go and fly in Annecy….


Takes South Westerly to Westerly. 910m

The Westerly takeoff on Lijar is probably the busiest and most reliable takeoff on the mountain. It is a fantastic site to fly with vultures and great for soaring for hours high above the mountain.

It is not for low air timers or inexperienced pilots fresh off the training course. You cannot see the landing field directly from the takeoff and it is surrounded in power lines. It is important that you are briefed by a local pilot or guide before flying this site.


Takes South Easterly to South Westerly

This takeoff has two options, the souther easterly and the south westerly. A fantastic starting point for budding XC pilots with the valley out in front providing very reliable thermal trigger points.

El Bosque

Takes a Westerly to North Westerly

The english translation of this place is The Forest. A fantastic alternative to Algodonales and is only a 30 mins drive over the spectacular Sierra de Grazalema.

El Bosque is a forest covered ridge site with exposed cliff faces that provide reliable sources of lift. The population of vultures that lives there are a great guide to where the lift is and a joy to fly with.

Evening flights on El Bosque with its golden sunset are really spectacular and is a favourite of many visiting pilots. A great short cross country for visiting pilots is El Bosque back to Algodonales.


Takes a North to North Easterly

We call it Monty Magic. Brilliant for low air timers. It is a great ridge site that you can do some fantastic XC’s from and great fun to fly to the castle. The site itself is behind a small town called Montellano which is approx 25 mins drive from Algodonales itself.

The site has two takes offs, one upper (the main one) and one lower for stronger days.


Flyable on both sides of the ridge, Teba is an old hilltop castle town steeped in history. It can be a spectacular place to fly although has a poo factory on the northerly side of it that can smell quite badly on a flyable day.

Conil de la Frontera 

Takes a South Westerly

A small coastal ridge. It can be a good alternative if Algodonales is not flyable. A bit of a drive and the ridge itself is a little small so not great if lots turn up to fly.


Takes a South Westerly

Another coastal site, it is a mix of rocky coastal cliffs and soft sand dunes. The flyable ridge extends for about 25kms from Matalascañas to Mazagon. Great place for playing and a bit of wagga.

Only bad thing about Matalascañas is the 2 and bit drive to get there from Algodonales itself therefore we only go there on days were Algodonales is blown out.

Vejer de la Frontera

Takes a North Westerly

A cafe with a take off or a take off with a cafe, a very family and non flyer friendly site. A soarable ridge about an 1.5 hours drive from Algodonales. A good place for your friend or loved one to experience a tandem flight.


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