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Skywalk Exit Front Container


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With the EXIT front container, you’ll always have your reserve chute where you can see it!

The container has a universal design and can be individually adjusted to your harness. The cockpit has room for two flight instruments.

Like our harnesses, the container is equipped with a RECCO® reflector to increase your passive safety significantly.

The V-line is directly connected to the attachment loops so installation is faster, and the chest strap of the harness can be adjusted during flight. The EXIT is available in three different sizes so your reserve chute will always have a safe place!

Supplied with:

  • 1x Reserve parachute container including deployment handle
  • V-Line
  • 2x Attachment loops for connection to the main carabiners
Size S M L
Container weight (g) 168 188 208
V-line weight (g) 52 52 52
Volume (cm³) 3000 – 3900 3800 – 4500 4800 – 6000
V-line max load (kg) 120 120 120


Sizing: Please note the volume specification from your reserve parachute manufacturer. The EXIT is designed to be combined with Skywalk’s light reserve parachutes (PEPPER CROSS LIGHT), but all commercially available reserve parachutes that correspond to the volume of the container can also be fitted into the front container. For steerable reserve chutes, however, the compatibility must be clarified with the manufacturer of your reserve chute system.

If you need advice on which Skywalk EXIT container will be suitable for your reserve parachute, please contact us or call 017687 79800.

Weights: Container S – 168g, M – 188g, L – 208g. V-Line 52g


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