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Supair Shine

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The SHINE is a new generation of round Pull Down Apex parachute. It replaces the Light and X-tralite models that we have been offering for many years. Designed and developed by our in-house design office, it uses a proven 20 decitex fabric and a Line set made entirely of Dyneema.

Its weight and volume characteristics are very similar to those of the X-tralite model and much better than those of the Light model (15 to 20% lighter and more compact*), for a recommended retail price almost identical to the Light model!

The SHINE parachute is of course EN12491 and LTF 9109 approved


– sink rate < 5.5 m/s

– 20 Decitex MJ cloth
– Dyneema lines

– EN 12491
– LTF 9109

Packing Volumes:

Shine reserve

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