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Syride SYS’Evolution


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Syride SYS’Evolution

The Syride Sys’Evolution is the newest instrument from Syride. An Alti-Vario-GPS with a clear touch screen display

Function : Alti-Vario-GPS with G-force meter
Airspaces : Worldwide
Output files : IGC, GPX and KML
Online flightbook : included
Cockpit fixing : with velcro (included)
Thermal sniffer : activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s

Several major innovations come with the SYS’Evolution. That’s the reason why we’re no more talking about an “alti-vario gps” or “flying instrument” but a flight computer as it does so much more :

  • Optimised ergonomics make accessible to any pilot the often complicated use of a tablet in flight. No need to be a computer engineer or to read 4 pages of discussions on Internet forums to see your track, setup your screen, or navigate through menus.. The software is 100% made by Syride. And as usual, it’s simple, intuitive and obvious. The complete life of a pilot can be done with the SYS’Evolution, from his first flight to competition.
  • Features will blow the world away! Its connectivity enables automatic synchronization of flights, flying sites information, weather forecast, satellites positions through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In addition, you will be able to see the world in 3D, including airspaces and waypoints, as well as the highly appreciated transition assistant with airspaces.
  • High-tech, with its high resolution 6-inch E-ink screen, flight items are readable regardless of the viewing angle and sun. It is also the first flying instrument in the world to embed a Multi-GNSS GPS chip which is able to receive satellites from several constellations (i.e : GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo) simultaneously.

Latest generation GPS chip in the Syride SYS’Evolution:

U-blox M8 multi-GNSS! Behind these words, there is the best we can offer today regarding the GPS network. In addition to an increased position precision (2m) and a reduced power consumption, this GPS chip is able to synchronize up to 72 channels from the following systems:

  • –  GPS (American)
  • –  Galileo (European)
  • –  GLONASS (Russian)
  • –  Beidou (Chinese)
  • –  QZS (Japanese)
  • –  SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System) using land-based systems (like EGNOS in Europe, WAAS in USA…) to increase again the position precision and reliability.The real advantage of this GPS chip is that it will synchronize simultaneously different systems. The SYS’Evolution will be the first instrument in the world to take advantage of this last generation electronics.In addition, have you ever noticed that the GPS altitude indicated by your smartphone has a big latency when you’re flying a thermal? Regardless of the technology, the GPS chip has to be customized depending on the use case. Syride sets up the GPS chip with high accuracy to perfectly fit free flight movements and requirements.
    The best screen for free flight:

    Why would you fly with the best instrument ever, if you can’t read it ?

    When we’ve decided to design an instrument with a large touchscreen, we’ve tried most known technologies while flying. The result is obvious: E-ink screens outperform every other technologies, especially regarding viewing angle and sun.

    The SYS’Evolution is equipped of a 6-inch E-ink screen. Its resolution of 800 x 600 pixels with 16 levels of gray gives incredible images and possibilities.

    We’ve chosen the 3rd generation of E-ink screen, called « CARTA ». It’s a new kind of E-ink screen which has 50% increased contrast and 20% reduced reflections compared to the

    previous generations. It has the best contrast ratio ever we can find on this kind of screen, while keeping power consumption at a very low level. While flying, you read information like they were written on a paper!

Complete connectivity:

When connected through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB, the Syride SYS’Evolution is able to synchronize data. Here is what it can download or upload (user-customizable):

  • –  The current and next positions (up to next 35 days) of satellites networks through the “AssistNow” feature of U-Blox GPS chip. This will reduce the GPS fix delay down to 1 second after hard reset.
  • –  Real-time weather forecast from available weather providers.
  • –  Automatic flight upload to your online flightbook on syride.com
  • –  Flying sites information from Syride database (more than 6000 flying sites over 100 countries).
  • –  Real-time live tracking through smartphone and Bluetooth.
  • –  Pre-recorded Safety message with GPS coordinates sent by SMS (through Bluetooth connection to smartphone)All these information will be FREE and included with the SYS’Evolution.An optimized screen size:An important criteria when buying an instrument is the ratio between instrument size and screen size.We spent a lot of time to reduce this ratio as far as we could, and we finally reached to reduce it up to 1.5 times compared to the average of other current instruments. This mean more free space on your cockpit, and reduced weight in your bag.

Resistive touchscreen:

There are currently 2 technologies in touchscreen:

Capacitive, is the one we can find in most smartphone and e- readers. It is highly sensitive, but cannot be used with gloves. It needs to get in contact with your skin to work.

Resistive, is the one chosen by Syride. This technology is less sensitive, but can be used with gloves, pencil or any material. Menus of the SYS’Evolution have been designed keeping in mind this technology.

A highly sensitive and customizable vario:

Always been discussed, a good vario obviously comes with a good pressure sensor. On paper, most manufacturer of high quality sensors claim a high sensitivity, but when it comes to fly, it can be like night and day between 2 manufacturers. Generally speaking, there’s a direct link between price and quality… But then we have to bring our expertise in signal processing, with several filters to get something usable in flight.

Then comes the most interesting part for pilots: customization. Each pilot has its own feeling, experience and requirements.

Needs can be completely different from one pilot to another. In addition to rising and falling thresholds and volume, Syride created a great vario setup tool: https://www.syride.com/en/variosetup Vario on X-axis (in m/s) and tone frequency on Y-axis. You want a lower frequency? Lower the whole curve.

Unbeatable autonomy:

The choice of the E-ink screen erases the biggest energy-consuming part of an instrument. In « normal » conditions, its autonomy will be from 10h to 30h (currently under test), thanks to a 3.4Ah battery. This autonomy will be highly dependent on what’s turned-on and what is displayed. Bluetooth, sound volume, GPS signal quality or indicators that require high processor computing (like Augmented reality) impacts autonomy.

Optimized volume and weight:

To tell the truth, there’s not that much space left inside the SYS’Evolution! With a thickness of 1.5cm (the SYS’Nav v3 has a thickness of 1.7cm), the flight computer is very compact. Placed on the cockpit, the SYS’Evolution is by far the lightest flight computer on the market with less than 300gr!

Augmented reality on board (work in progress):

Seeing the world in 3 dimensions gives great advantages. It is the easiest and more comprehensive way to:

  • –  get out of clouds without hitting a hill
  • –  estimate your position to airspaces
  • –  optimize your route in a contest
  • –  confirm your glide ratio and landing pointThis new feature represents the environment in front of you (magnetic heading). On this environment, you will be able to see:
  • –  terrain topography
  • –  airspaces in 3D
  • –  next waypoint in 3D.
  • –  cities

Fully customisable screen :

Such an essential feature, available on the Syride SYS’Evolution, should have been implemented by all instruments manufacturers since a long time!

Customizing your screen the way you want, by modifying units, sizes and position of information is a must have for any pilot. Wether you are a beginner, competitor, paraglider, powered-paraglider, sailplane pilot, balloon pilot, wearing glasses or not, flying seaside or mountains, in Europe, USA or Australia… The SYS’Evolution will display what you want it to display. You will adapt what is displayed with your improvements.

The online tool called « SSC Tool » is the simplest tool ever. Just drag and drop items on your screen, and you’re done:


Embedded data:

In order to navigate safely, the SYS’Evolution knows:

– the airspaces of most countries (https://www.syride.com/en/airspace ). The online tool also enables the pilots to select the airspace class they want to include or not. Activable and customizable visual and acoustic warnings prevent from entering into an airspace.

– the worldwide topography recorded
by Endeavour mission from NASA during year
2000. With a 20m precision, the SYS’Evolution
extrapolates the data between each points in order to get a better precision and rendering. This topography is mandatory to correctly handle airspaces with AGL altitudes.

– The worldwide road map which enables to display routes and the smallest city. This help to know exactly where you are after flying a few km out of a known area. It is no more possible to lose yourself!

Live tracking

As soon as we takeoff, it is relaxing to know that your family can see where you are in case of emergency… Using the Live Tracking App on Android (and soon iOS), linked to the SYS’Evolution with Bluetooth is really easy. As soon as your smartphone has a “data” network, whatever you are, your position will be displayed in real-time on https://www.syride.com/en/live

The Live Tracking App will use the SYS’Evolution’s position in order to save your smartphone’s battery.


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