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Syride Sys’Nav XL


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The SYS’Nav XL is a new instrument in the range. It is positioned between SYS’Nav V3 and SYS’Evolution. It is not intended to replace the SYS’Nav V3.

This is the first thing you’ll notice when you’ll take a Syride Sys’Nav XL in your hands! 30% larger than its little brother’s, the 2.7” screen has an active matrix reflective technology similar to the one used in the SYS’Evolution. The advantages for the pilot are clear:

– Optimum readability outdoors (the more sun, the more contrast)
– Lower consumption (80% less than a traditional screen and no need for backlighting)

Integrating a loudspeaker to find the same kind of sound as on the SYS’Evolution was complex. We wanted to keep an output on the front face which allows to avoid losses. In spite of the bigger screen, we managed to put a 1 Watt speaker (0.5 Watt on the SYS’Evolution) while respecting the manufacturer’s recommendations to obtain the most perfect sound possible!

Amongst it’s many impressive features the Syride Sys’Nav XL also offers Bluetooth connectivity, in case you’d like to connect it to Android or iOS flight apps. So far this has only been tested with XCTrack (Android) and FlySkyHy (iOS). Syride are also working on a new complimentary flight app, which they say will be released on Google Play store soon as a beta version (with limited features to start) and will on Apple Store this autumn.

Connectivity via USB-C
Expected for its simplicity of use and its reversibility, the Syride Sys’Nav XL has now a USB type C plug. A new plastic injection mold had to be produced to support these new evolutions (screen, speaker, USB…). The file management has also been completely revised! It will be possible to communicate with the SYS’PC TOOL software as before, but also to access the flight data (IGC files) as if a USB disk had been connected. The pilot gains in convenience, he will be able to use his existing phone or action cam cable to connect the instrument and will not have to use the SYS’PC Tool software to access the flight files.

Battery and Charge Manager
The surface of the electronic board has been reduced to accommodate a battery with a capacity 40% higher than the SYS’Nav (850mAh against 600mAh), it is essential to meet the needs of the very energy-hungry speaker. It is the level of the sound volume and the activation of the sink sound that will have the most impact
on the battery life of the SYS’Nav XL! The addition of a dedicated charge manager allows to have a very precise state of the battery charge value. Voltage variations will not affect the displayed information.

Technical Details

Function : Alti-Vario-GPS with G-force meter
connectivity : Bluetooth
Size : 10cm x 6.1cm x 1.7cm
Weight : 81gr
Topography : Worldwide
Road map : Worldwide
Airspaces : Worldwide
Screen : 2.7 inch high contrast 240×400 pixels
Volume : 4 levels & OFF position
Autonomy : From 10 to 40h
Memory : 2000h flight (1pt/sec)
Waypoints : 25 000
Routes : 200 routes of 150 waypoints max
Output files : IGC, GPX and KML
Online flightbook : included
Risers fixing : included
Thermal sniffer : activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s
Instant vario : Yes via 3-Axis Accelerometer
weather station : Yes via configurable screen

Syride Tools (including manual)
Syride have gathered some useful Tools on their website:

  • Manuals (all models): Read to better understand your instrument.
  • Software, SYS PC Tool (SYS’Alti, GPS, Nav, Nav XL & Evo): Required for downloading flights, customising screens, upgrading instrument, and more.
  • Syride Screen Configuration (SSC) Tool (SYS’Alti, GPS, Nav, Nav XL & Evo): Customise the screens on your instrument.
  • Airspace (SYS’Nav, Syride Sys’Nav XL& Evo): Avoid flying into forbidden airspaces by uploading OpenAir files into your instrument.
  • Topography (SYS’GPS & Nav V2): Gives access to height above ground level (AGL) information, airspaces with AGL and greyscale topography on the MAP screen of SYS’Nav.
  • Route maker (SYS’Nav, Nav XL & Evo): Build your route or waypoints list in a few clicks. A piece of cake!
  • Sound config – vario sound setup (SYS’Alti, GPS, Nav, Nav XL & Evo): Customise the sound of your vario infinitely with a simple graphic table.


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