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'The beauty about Paragliding is that you never stop learning.'

With flying we are always developing and learning. There is so much to discover and see. Helping you do this in a safe and encouraging environment is what Paragliding Guide is all about. As a BHPA Development School we support Club Pilots through the BHPA Pilot Rating Scheme.

Pilot Rating Scheme

The PRS has been devised to encourage pilots to continue to improve their personal flying skills, and provides a pathway to develop the appropriate skills to complete the required tasks to progress from Club Pilot to Pilot to Advanced Pilot.

Links & Infomation

British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA) website

Information about the Pilot Rating Scheme and other related Pilot Development Schemes

The BHPA Pilot Exam Notes for Candidates

This is an online practice exam from the BHPA which will give you an immediate result.

The required tasks to complete to attain Pilot level.

The Skyway Code is a good resource for information contained for the Pilot and AP Rating.

Study Material


Principles of Flight