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Pilot Form

Please include the country dial code eg +44 for UK
Please insert your Live Tracking ID Username so that we may add you to our tracking system. We support Live Tracking from Livetrack24, Flymaster, AirWhere, OGN, Volando, XCTrack, Flyskyhy, Sports Track Live...
eg IPPI Level 4
eg BHPA, FFVL, DHV etc
BHPA/IPPI Membership No
Please ensure that your Insurance covers Paragliding activities.
Please provide your Insurance Policy Number.
Please include the country dial code eg +44 for UK
Please note your Weight in Kgs
Discuss briefly your level of fitness: good, average, or other. (any old injuries to note)
Any pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities? (Hearing, sight, physical)…
Please provide information on your Paraglider Brand/Model, EN/DHV rating, Weight range, Wing colour
Please provide information on your harness Brand/Model/Colour
Please provide information on your reserve Brand/Model/Year and when it was last repacked
Please provide more details about your current level of flying. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses and where you feel you wish to improve.
Tell us a little about what you wish to achieve in your time with us. Do you want to improve your groud handling skills, your take off or landing technique, maybe improve your thermalling skills, xc flying or simply more airtime and improved safety. Any info here can really help us deliver quality to your week.
Please ensure you have read and understood the 'Acknowledgment Of Risk' The Link is below under Terms and Conditions.