Paragliding in Portugal

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Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve has some of the best coastal flying in all of Europe. The sites are breathtaking and go on for mile after mile. The coast is great for mini wings due to the frequency of stronger winds although we ensure we go at a time of year where we get to fly in the lower wind strengths. Typical day could involve flying Paragliders in the morning on a particular site, min wings or speed wings in the afternoon and then again Paragliders in the evening once the wind has calmed.


XC Guiding & Coaching

During our stay we will be guided by Portuguese Competition Pilot Nelson Pacheco. Some of the sites we will fly are  We will focus our visit to the Algarve although if the conditions are suitable and the group wishes we can venture further north and inland. 





We’ve got you covered

All airport transfers, accommodation and all travel regarding flying are covered, including your retrieve. The only thing we do not cover is food and drink. If you have any special requests please do not hesitate to contact us.





During our Portuguese trip we stay in two different locations and therefore two different accommodations. Both guest houses are comfortable, with all amenities and even a swimming pool. We have a number of accommodation upgrade options available.  


Food & Drink

We typically start our day with a big breakfast. We will provide breakfast each day of the trip. For lunch and dinner we usually eat out but we make regular stops during our days out for water, coffee and snacks.

The Algarve is full of great restaurants. Part of the trip is to saver the delicacies of the natives. The food in the Algarve is delicious and reasonably inexpensive. 

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If you already know what dates you would like to visit you can simply secure your trip by paying a deposit. 

We are flexible on your start and end date but please contact us prior to booking to confirm availability on your preferred dates. 


We offer a Free holiday with any new Wing bought from our Paragliding Shop.