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Skywalk Salsa 135


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Skywalk Salsa 135 square reserve parachute (rescue parachute) for paragliding and paramotor use.

The Salsa reserve is a cruciform or square parachute with a symmetrical design that descends vertically in still air. It is very stable and has an excellent sink rate.

Square parachutes are well known for attaining more stable descents than many other designs of reserve. They also have a good ratio of sink rate to size as the more sophisticated design and better coefficient of drag of square reserves offer an increased working area in comparison to round or pulled down apex designs,

Symetric design – Unlike many other small square reserves with asymmetric design, the Salsa doesn’t rely on any drift to help achieve the excellent sink rate. This also means the anyone descending under a Salsa will potentially have lower actual landing speeds as there is no additional forward speed component to the Salsa’s descent.

Skywalk Salsa square reserve parachute technical specifications


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